Launching Skilly in Czech Republic & Central Europe

Amberius are excited to represent Skilly, a premium software business, in Central Europe. Skilly tracks training in real-time and enable learners to assess and improve their skills through practice.

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Amberius are pleased to announce appointment as a reseller of Skilly software in Central Europe.

Skilly, based in Ireland, is a leading developer of software to support learners to assess and improve their skills through practice.  Their innovative skill practice solutions are helping students in schools and universities improve their soft skills. Skilly supports wellbeing programmes, career development programmes and entrepreneur upskilling programmes.  Their solutions and content were developed with leading educationalists, academia and learning specialists.  

Skilly is a cloud-based software. It is part of the next generation of Edtech products focusing on delivering simple, effective and affordable digital solutions that can be easily deployed in the learning environment. Customers can acquire the software with the skill content programmes included and or build their own. Whilst Skilly can operate as a stand-alone cloud environment, clients can also deploy the solution into Microsoft Teams where that environment is already embedded.  More details on Skilly.